Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Oh Christmas Cards, Oh Christmas Cards

Now that the final turkey casserole has been eaten, time to get the cards out!  I remember my mom writing her holiday cards out night after night, with long notes and sometimes letters written in cursive on steno paper.  So glad that I am able to keep up with my friends and family on Facebook and via email, the handwritten cards that mom did seemed so labor intensive.  Hers were certainly more personal and beautiful, the handwritten card is an art form that is sadly being lost.

I've noticed there aren't many people my age that even carry on the tradition of exchanging cards, let alone hand writing even a signature.  Costco, click, click, click, print labels and done.  I do have a handful of over-achieving friends that handcraft literal works of art, but most people send photo cards of family and friends.  I love sending and receiving the array of styles, but more than that, I love displaying them.

I've tried several methods for display over the years:  taping them to the wall/door/fridge/wherever, the pom pom string swag with clips, the ribbon with mini clothes pins.  I love them all!  I scoured the net to find a new idea for this year, and there are tons to choose from!  Here are some great ideas, would love to hear yours.

Wire Card Rack from Pottery Barn

Ribbons Over the Door, Country Living

Branches and Berries, Martha Stewart Living


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