Monday, November 22, 2010

Twist on Photo in a Frame

I love the holidays, excuses to make cute and fun gifts for friends and family.  So many times I find myself giving people photos in frames.  I hate picking out frames, my style always seeps in, and everyone has a black and white photo with a white mat.  This project is a great way to give photos, and show the love that comes along with a handmade gift.  I've seen variations on this theme, and thought I'd make a few as gifts for the upcoming holiday.

The best part of this craft was the trip to Home Depot.  I like the way that section of lumber smells, sooooo good.  Even better than that, the opportunity to announce to a group of men in orange aprons that I was looking for a big STUD.  The men seemed to enjoy that, and one of the middle-aged ones hooked me up with a 4×6, and then cut it into 9″ sections for me. I had no idea what type of price point a piece of wood would fall into, but I was shocked that it was only $3.17.

I painted the blocks with acrylic craft paint, which I already had.  Just laid it down with a sponge brush.  (Those dudes on Amercian Chopper always talk about “laying down the paint” so here is my opportunity to utilize their verbiage).  After I laid down the paint, I used one piece of 12×12 scrabooking paper cut to fit my design.

Enter, my long lost friend, Mod Podge.  I used to OD on this stuff as a kid, and I have to say it’s just as fun now.  Mod Podge is sticky white glue stuff, many might remember it from childhood, or from permanently sealing jigsaw puzzles.  It’s good stuff.

I ‘Mod Podged’ the scrapbook paper down, and when that was dry, I did the same  with a photo, and then some stickers.  One or two gloppy layers of the fine ‘Podge’ on top of everything, and that was it.  This was so easy, took like 20 seconds.  Then I drank some wine and watched ‘Teen Mom’ on MTV which is a fantastic reality show by the way.

I let my creations dry overnight, and then embellished with ribbon, and a blingy buckle.  Good times.  I wrote notes to all friends on the back in Silver Sharpie. I just love making and receiving handmade gifts, it’s one of the best things in life.  Hope my friends enjoy!


Cheryl said...

very cute. thanks for sharing. popped over from funky junk

Lori said...

Those look just like the ones I made last year...easy gifts.

Lisa said...

I love this idea! So glad I found your blog on DIY showoff. Think I may have to "borrow" your design.
Thanks for sharing!

Mod Podge Amy said...

This is a great idea and I love the little belt. I also watch Teen Mom!!! :D xo

Doreen said...

These wood frames are adorablistic! I also love creating art projects with photos. I often use canvas, but will have to try wood next time for a different effect. I really like the paper you used with the B&W photos. I think we are of the same "vintage" as I also used the podge for sealing my jigzaw puzzles! Welcome to blogville -- I am your 24th follower.

Titti @ Shoestring Pavilion said...

These are wonderful, the ribbon and the buckle are what takes it from good to great!

The Crafty Gals said...

Such a great idea!! Best thing is, I already have everything for it. I have my own, new, crafty blog over at I'd like to post this project there, if you don't mind. Love it!

Kammy Wielenga said...

I LOVE this!!! Great idea. I've tried Mod Podge a few times, but man I wonder if takes practice - I get little rips, and bubbles... I will try exactly what you did - wish me luck! And if they turn out muy bien, I shall post pics on my blogaroney. :)

Kammy from

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