Thursday, April 14, 2011

Infamous Bunny Pots

I know I'm late to the party on this one, everyone and their dogs have made versions of these adorable bunny pots.  I really liked how Rook No. 17 put her bunnies together, so of course, I copy.  What could be better than an adorable green, moss covered bunny topiary?

For everyone who had been living under a rock with me and didn't already make these, Pier 1 has the most ADORABLE moss covered bunny rabbits on faux branch sticks, only $2.95.  In fact, all of their Easter decor is positively darling!  Get some! The terra cotta pots were from Hobby Lobby, 50% off sale, which made them about $.84 each.  I purchased them in several larger sizes as well. You will need the slightly taller version if displaying in the crate.  I had some styrofoam spheres from previous failed projects, and leftover floral foam, I used that to anchor the bunnies.  I used Spanish moss to complete the pot, but one could use moss, rocks, Easter grass.......there are so many possibilities.

I made several of these pots as singles and gave them away as Easter gifts, but wanted to use the crated version for my kitchen table.  The crate unpainted cd storage box from Michael's Crafts.  $4.99, but only $2.00 with an online printable 40% off coupon.  I sponged some acrylic paint on the crate, under $1.00, in green.....of course.  After the paint dried, I sanded the crate down a bit and applied some Ralph Lauren Glaze tinted with black paint.  I just wiped it on with an old clean sock, and wiped it off with a damp cloth.

The pots were whitewashed with basic white acrylic craft paint.  I added several drops of paint to about 1/2 cup of water and brushed it on.  For the taller pots, I used even more water to make them less white.

I found that using the styrofoam balls in the bottoms of the pots really helped anchor the bunnies.  I cut the floral block to fit in the remainder of the space.  I hot glued the moss on top of the floral block and then stabbed the bunnies right through until they hit the bottom of the pot. The taller pots are a snug fit in the crate, so be sure to check your sizes when buying supplies....I failed to do that, and had to make a second craft store run.

Scrap ribbon for girl bunny, and I'm finally part of the mossy bunny topiary club!


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