Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Valentine Subway Art

Traditionally, the extent of my Valentine decor would be half of a bag of pink and red M&M's in the pantry. But not this year.  Thanks to the creative ladies over at eighteen25 and their darling Valentine Printable, I've decided to step up my 'Heart Day' game.....but only a tiny bit.  These chicks create the BEST subway art in the blogosphere, and the coolest part, they share it for free!  Just download, print, and frame.

I have seen so many beautiful heart-filled vignettes from my talented counterparts, but I've never jumped on that bandwagon.  (Check out this DARLING Valentine scene over at 320 Sycamore...too cute!) Everything in my house is so minimal, some would say plain, it literally stresses me out trying to add color.  The only pops of color I am typically able to manage are greens and sometimes brown.  So, infusing a bit of red and pink, well it's kind of a big deal of in my world.

The only framed pieces of art or photography I own are black and whites, framed in black and white.  But, last December when I saw the cute Christmas subway art (check it out here at eighteen25), I broke down and purchased a white frame.  When the holidays were over, I promptly hid said white frame in my guest room closet, assuming I wouldn't see it again until Thanksgiving.  But, a quick trip to the Costco Photo Center, $2.88 later, and I have my lovely 16x20 Valentine print neatly displayed on my kitchen sideboard.

I typically only deal in white dinnerware and serving pieces.  IN LOVE WITH WHITE DISHES, especially square ones!  I love to use my collection to decorate as well as entertain.  I picked up this cool rectangular piece with modern hearts at Kohl's for half-off, which made it less than $5.00.  So that's it, my infusion of red and pink and the lone white frame that still makes me think about the cans of black spray paint in the garage.  All in the name of love.  I can't wait to fill that new dish up with chocolate covered strawberries.  xoxoxo


LP aka A Crafty Southern Chick said...

I nominated you for the Stylish Blogger Award!

MAUDE said...

hey I wanted to tell you that i adore your blog.I gave you a blog award on my blog site. Your blog stood out to me because it was unique.

I hope you like it.

kaka said...

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